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Delta Delta Power Company
Delta Power is proficient in design and manufacture of cutting edge products and systems. The products are extremely rugged and versatile and find use in large construction equipment as well as medical devices. Great Lakes Hydraulics Ltd is a full Delta Power stocking distributor.  Our Customer Service and Technical Representatives are ready to service your requirements.

Delta Solenoid Operated  Directional Control Valves

Solenoid Operated
Directional Control Valves

Delta Mechanically Operated Directional Control Valves

Mechanically Operated
Directional Control Valves

Delta Flow Controls

Flow Controls


Delta Pressure Controls

Pressure Controls

Delta Proportional Controls

Proportional Controls

Delta Special Application Valves

Special Application Valves


Delta Logic Elements

Logic Elements

Delta Electronic Products

Electronic Products

Delta Coils


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Northman Northman
Northman Hydraulic Solenoid Operated Valves

Hydraulic Solenoid Operated Valves

> NFPA Sizes: D03, D05, D07, D08, D10
> Standard: Wet Armature, Molded Coils, Plug-in Solenoids, Indicator Lights, Mounting Bolt Kit
> Options: Hydraulic Shockless, Low Surge, Viton Seals
Northman Manually Operated Directional Control Valves

Manually Operated Directional Control Valves

> Subplate Mounted and Threaded Body
> Subplate Mounted: NFPA Size D03, D05 (Includes Mounting Bolts)
> Threaded Body Sizes: 3/8", 3/4", 1-1/4"
Northman Hydraulic Modular Control Valves

Hydraulic Modular Control Valves

> Pressure Control, Flow Control and Check Valves for mounting between a Directional Control Valve and Subplate or Manifold. 
> Available in DO3 and D05 sizes
Rego Rego
Rego Cyro-flow Products

Cyro-flow Products

> Needle Valves
> Flow Controls
> Check Valves
Rego TMF Series With Color Bands

TMF Series With Color Bands

Designed for extremely precise control of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Provides metered flow in one direction and free-flow in the reverse direction.

> Easy-to-read color bands and micrometer knob for exact flow settings.
> Re-set repeatability within 1%
> Precision-machined Double-step stem with fine threading provides accurate control, even at extremely low flows.
> Rugged, all-metal construction - no plastic parts.
> Bleed holes in piston provide a cushion to soften closing impact and extend valve life.
> Brazed construction to withstand high pressure.
> Soft-seat piston check, available on 1/4 and 3/8" brass sizes, assures leak-free air service. All others have metal to metal seat.

Steel valves are zinc-plated AND sealed with black chromate for double corrosion protection.

Rego 2000 Series Needle Valve
2000 Series Needle Valve
Ideal for applications requiring fine metering and shut-off. Designed for use with air, oil, water, steam, liquid fuels and most chemicals.
> Heavy duty brazed construction for added strength and safety up to 10,000 psi.
> Precision-machined stems and valve bodies provide perfect seat alignment for leak-free shut-off.
> Carbon steel valves are zinc plated and sealed with black chromate for double corrosion protection.
> Available in globe and angle configuration; in-line or panel mounted.
> Machined from carbon, 303 or 316 stainless steel.
Rego C Series Check Valve

C Series Check Valve

Especially designed for the control of hydraulic and pneumatic
systems. Allows full-flow in one direction only.


Efficient in line design provides high flow capability with low pressure drop.

> Soft seat poppet assures leak free service. Durable all metal poppets standard
on all other models.
> Steel valves are zinc plated with “golden glow” chromate for double corrosion

Versatile design can be mounted in any position.

Snaptite Snap-tite
Snap-tite Check Valves

Check Valves

Soft Seated, Zero Leak Design
> Available Sizes - 1/4" thru 2"
> Working Pressures to 6,000 psi (414 bar)
Rated Flows to 175 US gpm (662 l/min)
Brass, Plated Steel, or 316 Stainless Steel Construction

In addition to the wide range of standard check valves, Snap-tite also can design and manufacture special check valves to meet specific customer requirements. Whether it is a special body material, seal, end fitting, or crack pressure, Snap-tite will work to supply you with the exact unit you require.

Snap-tite Direc-Trol Valves

Direc-Trol Valves

If you manually want to control fluid direction with virtual zero leakage, Snap-tite's Direc-Trol valves are the industry's preferred line. These high performance valves are designed for any application where precise metering and high efficiency are required. The rotary flow design accounts for the outstanding ability to stand up to even the most grueling of hydraulic applications.

Snap-tite Marstan Valves

Marstan Valves

Snap-tite offers its Marstan® directional control valves rated for pressures up to 10,000 psi (690 bar). The Marstan® valve offers virtually zero internal leakage, eliminating the need for a pilot operated check valve - due to the use of pressure loaded face seals. Valve housings are cast aluminum while internal sealing components are hardened, ground, and lapped steel. Marstan® valves are available with solenoid, manual, or pneumatic actuation and allow for NFPA 01 size sub-plate mounting.

Snap-tite Relief Valves

Relief Valves

Snap-tite manufactures a differential pressure relief valve with a fast operating action that protects against pressure surges. These relief valves can be single relief valves to dual relief valves with anti-cavitation checks incorporated into the block. These relief valves provide system pressure protection on fixed and variable pump systems, dynamic braking on fluid motor systems or swing circuits on hydraulic cranes.

Neo Neo
Neo Ball Valve

Ball Valve

> Stainless steel ball valve: 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, NPT end connections and Flanged ANSI Class 150
> Hydraulic Ball Valves: Pressures up to 7500 psi

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PCI High Pressure Ball Valves

High Pressure Ball Valves

> P.C.I., Pressure Components Inc., offers a wide selection of high pressure ball valves, many of which are in stock at Great Lakes Hydraulics Ltd.
Topring Topring
Topring Air Valve

Air Valve

> Mechanical, manual, electrical and air pilot control valves.
Webster webtec
Webtec VFC Pressure Compensated Variable In-line Flow Control Valve

VFC Pressure Compensated Variable In-line Flow Control Valve

Working pressures up to 210 bar (3000 psi)
> Maximum flow 55 lpm (14.5 US gpm)
> BSP and NPT ports available
Material: steel & aluminum
> Uncontrolled flow in reverse
Sizes: 1/4" - 1/2"

A 2-port pressure compensated variable in-line flow control valve, ideal for setting cylinders and motors to operate at a constant speed (Availability: A). Weatherproof design to prevent corrosion and seizing

Kepner Kepner

Great Lakes Hydraulics Ltd. offers the Kepner valve product line.



Flexible Seal Seat

Flexible Seal Seat™ for zero leak (bubble-tight) seal at closed port
> Non-biased free floating shuttle ball with short travel path
> Minimal pressure differential shifting
O-Ring seal positively secured
> Unobstructed flow paths allow full flow and minimal pressure drop
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